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This week I did a lot of reflecting and gave my mind & body some much needed rest. Even though I was determined to push it to the limit and go go go, my body said stop stop stop and I was forced to listen.

Now that I’m feeling a whole lot better, I’m appreciative and grateful for the little things and I’ll listen to my body & make it a priority moving forward…..ok, enough of the emotional talk. Are you ready for this weekend?

ON THE RUN: Being that I missed the Chicago OTR tour date, I will be glued to my television this weekend watching the fierceness that is Queen Bey on HBO Saturday. Will you be watching? This trailer has me pumped.

CUT IT OFF: I’ve been itching to do something different with my hair. I’ve attempted a faux bob by pulling my hair into a pony tail and I kinda liked it. I’m also loving the lighter look of Kerry Washington’s new do (Yay! Scandal’s back Sept 25th!) These cool cuts for fall are giving me major hair inspiration.

FASHION MONTH: From NYFW to London & Milan, this month is packed with fashion weeks and that means there are plenty of fashion week streetstyles for your perusal.

SUGAR CRAVINGS: I’m having serious sugar cravings and I’ve recently given up diary so ice cream is a no go (we’ll see how long that lasts.) This gluten free & vegan dessert is looking really good.

LOVE THIS LADY: I always find these VOGUE questions so intriguing and this one with Anna Wintour did not disappoint.

What’s on you agenda for this weekend?

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Images NaimaBarcelona, LaCooletChic, Etsy, Collage Vintage



There is something so sexy and chic about a thigh baring side slit skirt. As the weather cools, I try to find subtle ways to show some skin….although this look may not be subtle, you can always cater the slit height to your liking.

For a high-glamour fall look, I’d pair this white skirt with black knee high boots, a fitted long sleeve black sweater and a black wide brim fedora hat….and of course some ridiculously chic sunglasses.

What do you think? Are you feeling this slit skirt look?

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Image Studded Rose



I’ve been sick the past couple of days and instead of getting my much needed rest, I’ve spent a little time looking for cool finds online. ASOS is one of my favorite destinations for stylish pieces.

I’m slowly getting rid of  a lot of items in my closet, and adding great pieces to create my ultimate fall wardrobe. Jewel tones have been on my radar this fall and oversized jackets are also on my wish list.

Have you started your fall shopping/wardrobe transition?



If you’re looking to invest in some beautiful timeless pieces, look no further than AZEEZA. This line was founded by Chicago’s own, the beautiful and absolutely stylish Azeeza Khan.

I’ve watched the growth of her company for a couple of years now and she is a style powerhouse. If you’re lucky enough to experience one of her fashion shows, you’ll be truly blown away. (See a previous show post here)

Her pieces are immaculate and her attention to detail is perfection. She recently opened her flagship store at the 900 North Michigan Shops and I’m excited to see what else she has in store. I’m seriously craving this and this  from her collection. The Spring/Summer 2015 campaign with the gorgeous Chicagoan Kristen Gipson is stunning…stay tuned Kristen will be launching her own jewelry line soon. Want more, check out the site AZEEZA








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I’ve been obsessing over this personalized monogramed Burberry poncho. Since the weather here in Chicago has dropped almost 30 degrees in a day, I believe it’s officially fall. There’s one problem….I couldn’t bring myself to pay $1,400 for this….but then again, maybe I could.

Here are some great links for your weekend perusal.

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS: This writer discusses the next big trend in make-up, no make-up.

PURSUING ELEGANCE: A behind the scenes look at designer Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

FASHION COLLABO: This is happening….Alexander Wang and H&M Nov. 6th.

ALL BLACK EVERYTHING: Why it’s always a good idea.

BACKSTAGE PASS: Amazing images from backstage at Rosie Assoulin.

THE BEST PINK LIPSTICK: Gorgeous pink lipsticks from drugstore brands to high-end.

FOR YOUR NEXT SOIREE: Five french goat cheese pairings. 

LAWN PARTY: I’ve always wanted to host an outdoor dinner party and this is perfect.




I recently overheard two women discussing their style frustrations. It went something like this:

Woman 1: What are you wearing to the event Friday?

Woman 2: I have no idea, I have nothing to wear.

W1: Me either, I just went shopping and I STILL have nothing to wear.

W2: Well you’re lucky because you look great in everything. I could never wear that dress you had on yesterday. My body doesn’t look good in stuff like that.

W1: That is so not true……I love your style. You have so many great pieces.  I’m really frustrated with my clothes, I just need to start over.

I hear similar conversations like this all the time, and I’ve even found myself buying into the negative self talk, but we really need to change this conversation. Sometimes the frustrations we have with our clothes or style are not about the clothes and really about our confidence and body image. If we have curves, we want to lose them, if we don’t have curves we try to gain them. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to each other and wishing for what we don’t have. It’s time we start appreciating what we DO have and learn to love our bodies…period.

I’ve worked with all different types of clients, and I can see the beauty in every single one of them. We need to be kind to ourselves and our bodies. That’s the first step to building your perfect wardrobe. If you don’t think you look good, you won’t like how you look in your clothes. When I initially meet with my clients I ask them a lot about their personal life & lifestyles to learn more about them and where their style frustrations originate. Then we dive into the clothes and work on developing their personal style.

So if you find yourself frustrated with your style, don’t beat yourself up. Appreciate all the wonderful things about your body & your personality. If you’re interested in tips to help with your style frustrations, reach out to me….I’d love to help.

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s one of your biggest style frustrations?



Yay! I’m back…..I know, sorry for the wait. Being the woman that I am…I just couldn’t put my site out until I was ready, and well…..I’m ready. Welcome to the new BCHICBGLAMOROUS. Thank you for coming back for more, I have some great things in store.

Look around and get familiar with the site. There might be some small glitches but I’m fixing them on the back end so I can give you some fierce awesomeness.

Ok, so let’s get down to business. Have you been paying attention to New York Fashion Week? I spent most of the weekend preparing for my site launch and only caught glimpses of it through social media.  I spotted the above NYFW streetstyle look from Giovanna Battaglia on Collage Vintage’s site. This ultrachic crop top and effortlessly stylish midi skirt has a casual yet sexy feel. I love that she paired it with a white tassle clutch for a bold accent and added an unexpected pair of flats that catch your eye. She is definitely working those chiseled abs.

Hope you like the new site, and I will be posting a lot more. Don’t forget to subscribe on the right to get great style info delivered straight to your inbox.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.



Ok, so I’m obsessed with this pic that I found while clicking through Pinterest, which led me to this print that I absolutely love.

Something about this style just speaks to me, it’s a mix of simplicity & and a little bit of crazy, which fits me to a T.

It’s funny how you can be checking e-mails one minute then an hour later you find yourself on some site that you would never have found on your own. The power  of the internet….


First things first, sorry I’ve been M.I.A… has been happening, but I promise some good stuff is going on behind the scenes, so stay tuned.

I’m so excited that Chicago is finally experiencing some warm weather. This strange thing happens when it gets warm in Chicago…..everybody loses their minds (me included).

All of a sudden, I think I’m a bohemian babe and want to spend exponential amounts of time outdoors, at the beach and eating anywhere al fresco. 

I’ve also become an outdoor runner (kinda). If you count putting on some serious “running” gear and running for 10 mins and walking for 30 mins (hey, baby steps). 

So as I get my body in shape for the summer (better late than never), here is some weekend inspiration.