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I’ve met my nemesis… closet. For the past couple of months, I’ve been attempting to get my closet down to 20 pieces. Yes, you read that right, 20 pieces. I’ll admit, I’ve always had a big closet and subscribed to the more is more approach to my closet, but over the last year and after a couple of moves, I’ve managed to get rid of a significant amount of clothes. I now want to revamp my wardrobe even further and take the minimalist style approach and keep only the things I really love and get rid of all the items that are no longer adding to my current style.

At first it seemed really simple, get rid of all the items that I haven’t worn in a while, that I no longer like and that don’t fit me. As I started going through individual pieces I started looking at items and remembering where I wore what with whom, and when. It made it a little harder to let go but I told myself I’d remove the emotion out of it.

After filling a huge box of clothes, I felt a bit liberated and glad that I was making progress. Then the resistance set in. I looked at my closet and it still looked the same, almost as if I hadn’t done anything. I told myself I would take a day and do it again tomorrow. Then tomorrow came and I didn’t do it, then a week, then a month and then……lets just say it never happened.

The ironic thing is I help women with their closets all the time and have effectively and efficiently helped them revamp their style by removing the items that are no longer working for them to make way for items they love….but I’ve never dwindled down anyone’s closet to 20 items.

The funny thing is….it can be done and can lead to your dream wardrobe. Most women only wear 20% of their clothes frequently and the other items are “options.” Options that we almost never wear and the abundance of items sometimes makes it harder for us to find something to wear.

Before I help someone else take this minimalist style approach to their wardrobe, I want to do it for myself. I’ll add quality items that I love (like this French Connection dress above) and invest in my ultimate dream wardrobe.

Oh did I mention, shoes, bags, jackets, and accessories aren’t included in the 20 item wardrobe…. so you can have as many of those as you want. I’m continuing to narrow down my pieces and will do a follow up post. Wish me luck!

zara red coat


I haven’t found my winter coat yet and I must admit I’m a little worried. Even though it reached 75 degrees yesterday here in Chicago, I know at any time the weather in Chicago could drop 40 degrees in a matter of hours. This year I want to go colorful and bold….so when the cold comes, I’ll be ready.

The coats I’d love to try include this Zara or this ASOS, this J Crew, this Mango, and this French Connection.

The weekend, pink sweater


Nothing can explain the joy I feel spending time with my family. This weekend, Cole & I decided to take a much overdue visit to my parents house in the suburbs. We ate, drank and talked about almost everything under the sun. My father cooked, I made some very underdone brownies, my sister treated us to some specialty cocktails and my mother let me borrow one of her beautiful “camisoles” aka tank top (she insists I call it a camisole.)

One of the best parts of the weekend was talking to my father about life as he drove us back home to the city. We talked about everything under the sun- my 401k, my living arrangements, politics, dealing with tough conversations and football. He gave me some really good advice and reminded me to stay focused on my dreams. When I asked him advice on which direction I should take on a major life decision he told me to “do what makes me happy.”

Now you have to understand a couple of things about my father…. he is very disciplined, very hard working and very intelligent. He’s also one of the most loving and dedicated humans I know. He’s instilled my drive, discipline, work ethic and has motivated me to be the woman that I am today….. hearing him tell me to do what makes me happy really hit home and gave me a renewed energy.

I’m going into this week focused on my goals and grateful for the support of my loved ones.

A few pics from the day.


Oh…hello sir. Cole was stuntin’ at the bus stop so I asked him to take a pic.

He is clearly ready for Movember, and I might say….he’s looking quite dapper these days.

me and my sis

I stumbled across this lovely gem of me and my sis (she is too cute).  I can tell we were dominating the fashion scene even at this age.

Clearly I was very excited for this pic.